Appears to encapsulate all of the mechanics available in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Evolution

“We’re looking at the beginnings of an in-game quest system that appears to encapsulate all of the mechanics available in Yugioh Duel Online, even incorporates characters who grant them, and pre-conditions that suggest increasing levels of difficulty and progress,” wrote The Silph Road’s founder, dronpes, in a Reddit thread. (Pre-conditions are another hinted new feature, referring to barriers that players may have to overcome in order to qualify for quest participation.)
More information about yu-gi-oh duel evolution and other Yugioh games will be announced later this year. Watch the brief trailer below.

You can watch the trailer above; it should immediately look familiar to anyone who grew up with series protagonist Ash Ketchum. I Choose You is a feature-length, glossier retelling of the very first episodes of the Yugioh cartoon. That means there’s Pikachu at its bratty finest, Ash at his most idealistic (and naive), and a slight hint of Yugioh’s ever-expanding Pokédex, courtesy of a Ho-Oh cameo.

yugioh duel evolution
In the mainline Yugioh games, players typically visit a set of eight gyms per game, each one populated by a series of trainers and a leader. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Evolution gives players the chance to be their own gym leaders, but the players-versus-player component of the game isn’t so fleshed out as to make that feel meaningful. Instead, players with strong Yugioh squat on gyms while other trainers try to knock them off their perch. All of this happens in isolation; players aren’t ever in any direct contact.
Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Evolution’s gym feature is desperately in need of improvement, according to several top members of Instantfuns Yugioh online, the game’s developer. While that’s been widely apparent to players of the game, staff behind-the-scenes recently spoke to Polygon and other outlets about how the game’s competitive component currently misses the mark.

That figure suggests the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Evolution craze has subsided somewhat, as you may have expected. Instantfuns said back in early September — less than two months after the game’s debut — that it had racked up more than 500 million downloads. So if the number of downloads has increased by 150 million in the period following that announcement, which is just under six months long, the pace has slowed a lot since those heady days.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution

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